24 января 2017 г.

Знакомимся с нашим дизайнером - Ola (Ikemo)

Здравствуйте друзья,
сегодня мы хотим познакомить вас с ещё одним талантливым дизайнером, 
который живёт недалеко от нас - в Польше

Hello everyone!!!
It is so nice to see with you, here in Fabrika 212.
I am so excited about this amazing adventure that I can't even describe!
I will start from the beginnig!
My name is Aleksandra Ziomek, but usually I use my nick name Ikemo. I come from Poland, from little village next to Wrocław city, where I leave with my husband and two lovely animal friends ;) I started my adventure with scrapbookin few years ago and from that time never think about quiting ;) I develope myself in different styles, but the closes to my heart are cards. I also really like mixmedia projects and when I have more free time (only for myself) I go for it. My latest "thing" is Art Journal where I can free my mind and fly wherever I want. You definitely must try it! I deeply believe we will spend many great projects together and I will become very inspiring to you.
Can't wait to show you my Fabrika 212 projects, but first take a look at designs that I have made before.

You can find me here

Greet warmly

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