21 апреля 2017 г.

Вдохновение с Ola Ikemo

Всем привет,
сегодня вдохновлять вас будет наш талантливый дизайнер из Польши - Ola Ikemo.
Она приготовила нежное летнее вдохновение и видео мастер-класс, в котором подробно показывает, как из остатков бумаги сделала открытку.

Today I prepared for you video tutorial for card made all from small papers that are left from different projects. Lately I had to make some communion invitations and a lot of paper snips are left. I am the person that is collecting all garbages and later use, the same was with those papers. I simply couldn’t throw it out.  Finally I decided what to do about them.

Paper snips are perfect for making unusual backgrounds for your projects, not only cards. With this one I used a lot of lace and punching. I think it looks really nice and nobody would notice that is made from “trashes” ;)



Have a wonderful day
Hugs Ola

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